Micropigmentation, also referred to as semi-permanent make-up or dermal pigmentation, is a process by which completely natural inorganic pigments are implanted beneath the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin, into the dermal layer (second layer of skin), through needle insertion. of pigment.
This technique is medically developed and is temporary (long-term). A time-saving, cost-effective technique helping everyone's daily routine. It should be applied by a specialist physician, nurse or technician specialized in this work. Most people refer to micropigmentation as a cosmetic tattoo.
The process is similar to the tattoo as the pigment is inserted into the skin, but the aesthetic result can be quite different. Micropigmentation cannot be done with metal- based tattoo pigments, it would result in toxicity, migration of pigments between layers of skin, leaving dark spots. Tattoo machines are not suitable for doing subtle work for permanent make- up: tattoo machines / needles reach a deeper layer of skin resulting in color-changing results.
The techniques we apply are Digital, Micro-stroking and Soft Tap.


Lip micropigmentation is a term meaning a tattoo that fills the surface of the lip or just its contour. (It depends on the client.) Micropigmentation of the lip is far from the concept of plastic surgery.
So it's not surgery, nor is it a tattoo. Although it resembles a tattoo, it uses different techniques, and different colors. The tattoo is applied to deeper layers of skin. This method is used to make the lips look fuller, shaping the contour but also making it look dimensional.
In order to make this technology in your skin you need to have no criteria, so there is no saying that there is a category of lips that you become. Any kind of lip, with or without shape, thin or thick, good copigmentation is applicable. So it's applicable to any type of age (+18 of course).
The paint used is not harmful, and stays on the edge for a very long time. The color applied is chosen according to the natural color of the lip, it is also durable in water (shower, pools, sea, rain). Not affected by natural conditions, or other things. So it's like having a tattoo.


Like eyebrow and lip micropigmentation, eyeliner micropigmentation is otherwise known as permanent make-up.
Like the techniques mentioned above, this too is delicate and requires the proper care and treatment of both the specialist and the client. For all women who find it difficult to brush, or who spend too much time and still fail to achieve the brilliant result that everyone is looking for, this method is very valuable and 'workable' for any day of the year.
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