Established in 2010 by Olsi Sejdi. It was called "Olsi Clinic Tattoo" because it came as a novelty in the field of tattoos.

Unlike what this field was known in everyday life, as a profession for a certain group of society, today, after a colossal work, we managed to change the mindset and call it art, as it is a profession.

A qualified group of artists led by Olsi Sejdi and Olker Sejdi launched this clinic as a tattoo art revolution, which we can call a success story. It all started with a needle, now internationalized in the field of Tattoo.

It was 2010 when it all started for Olsin.
Although it seemed difficult and impossible for him, it was his talent that paved the way and is now one of the world-famous artists. Olsi Sejdi, who has made a revolution in the field of tattoos, is also president of the Albanina Tattoist Association, having the exclusivity he has performed in Albania: 5 Miss & Mister Tatto Albania events and the largest event in the field of tattooing, the "Tirana international tattoo expo (ex balkan international tattoo show)", which brought together cultures from all over the world.

Olsi Sejdi and Olker Sejdi, two brothers who are otherwise known as Olsi Tattoo, winners of some of the first international awards along with their staff in Italy, France, Germany etc. His professionalism and passion have already crossed the line, as at these major events around the world, Olsie no longer competes as a jury member.

He is a member of the magnificent Convetions that take place every year in: France, Belgium, Italy, China, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, Macedonia etc. The year 2010 was another triumph for the brothers, having managed to open their three tattoo studios in Tirana, Germany and France, under the slogan of "Olsi Clinic Tattoo": "Where body art transcends the boundaries of art paper ".


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10:00 Am - 21:00 Pm


Phone: (+355) 68 200 4339

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